Girls Varsity Soccer · Bulldog Highlight: Melinda ‘Scrumbie’ DeMott – Soccer

Tonight is senior night for the Bulldogs girls soccer team. We decided to talk to Melinda DeMott about their upcoming game against Wasatch and senior night. 


Rhett: How are you feeling knowing this is your last region game as a bulldog?


Melinda: Bittersweet, I am really sad because I wish I would have been able to play all four years at Provo High. I could not be more thankful for the friendships I’ve built over the past few years. The girls are some of my best friends. We are family. 


Rhett: How are you hoping to close off your legacy here in Provo?


Melinda: I hope people remember me for being friendly to everyone and the life of the party. 


Rhett: How are you and the team preparing for state?


Melinda: We’re taking it one step at a time and trying to get in the right mindset. We need to play to our best abilities. It is a team effort and everyone has to bring their A game.  


Rhett: How are you guys focusing to get a win this week?


Melinda: Making sure we use our practice time wisely and knowing the areas that need improvement. Soccer is a mental game. 


Rhett: What sacrifices has the team made this season?


Melinda: Making sure that we go to practice everyday even though some of us might have other things going on. Soccer takes a lot of time out of the day. The sacrifice honestly comes from the coaches. They are there everyday no matter what ready to coach us we just have to be willing to listen. 

Melinda scouts the field

Rhett: How much confidence does the team have going against Wasatch today?


Melinda: We are out (to beat them), everytime we play Wasatch it is a battle. We are definitely ready and we need to get the win. We have to be solid starting right at warm ups. 


Rhett: Anything you want to say to the people?


Melinda: Go bulldogs!!! Scrumbie out.