Girls Varsity Cross Country · Bulldog Highlight: Allison Bartholomew – Cross Country

Sports marketing student, Hannah Jorgensen, sat down with Allison Bartholomew, a top runner for PHS girl’s varsity Cross Country.


How has the season been for you so far?

Great! I love the Cross Country experience, and I haven’t gotten injured so far, so it’s been great! 


Coach Phil Olsen is a new coach for the xc team this year. How do you feel he has helped you improve?

He  pushes us to improve, and really tries to make us as good as we can, by making us push ourselves.


How did you feel about the race at fairview yesterday in relation to yourself and your team overall?

I felt it was a pretty good race, overall we probably did the best as a girls cross country team. But I do feel like I could have maybe gone a little bit faster when I finished.


What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses when it comes to competing?

I am really good at staying positive while I’m running, and so I’m pretty good at races. But I am not naturally athletic and have to work really hard to get fast.


How do you prepare yourself mentally and physically for a meet?

Sometimes I’ll watch a TED talk before, just to get me pumped for the race. But it changes. I do a warm-up and then I just stretch and try not to worry about the race. If I worry I’ll get nervous and then I won’t do as well.


What gives you the most motivation to do Cross Country?

I think what gives me the most motivation to do cross country is that my coach and my teammates are pushing me and helping me to get better not just in cross-country but in the rest of my life. And that push to get better helps me as a person and gives me the work ethic and other things that I will need later in life, so I love it doing it.


What are your thoughts concerning region next week? What do you expect?

I know what I expect but I try not to focus on what I expect and instead on what I hope. I very much hope I’ll be able to get under a 21:00 minute time (for a 3 mile race). And I really hope that our team does well enough that we will be able to go to state. I feel like when you hope things they are more likely to happen, so I focus on when I hope, rather than what I expect.