Boys Varsity Swimming · Bulldog Highlight: Ethan Mercer – Swimming

Sports Marketing Students, Sierra Weeks and Hayley Snarr, sat down with Provo High Swim team senior, Ethan Mercer, here’s what he had to say:

What is your goal this season?


“I want to drop times, at least in one event in every meet throughout the entire season. I want to improve on how I swim and swim even faster than last season.”


You’ve had two meets so far this season, how have your times compared to each week?


“My times are dropping and improving. It’s reflecting my hard work I’ve done at practice.”


What do you do during practice that would help you improve in your swimming?


“I work on my technique, I time myself, I get tips from my coach on what I can do to improve. Working on my technique in the biggest because that’s where you got to put the most work into if you want to improve.”


What is your goal for the Thanksgiving Invite this upcoming weekend?


“I am going to swim fast! My goal is to drop times. I am going to cheer on my fellow teammates and I strive to swim the best I can this weekend and to show all my hard work that I’ve been doing.”


As team captain, what is the one thing you want to work on as a team and as captain?


“I am trying to be an example to the rest of the team. I show up to practice on time, I start the cheer for other teammates, I make sure everyone is working their hardest. I want all of us to come together to cheer on our teammates, so they achieve their goals.”  


How do you think this team compared to last years team?


“We are bigger and stronger as a team. I think our coach has really made sure we are a team. That we act like a team in ways to help all of us improve.”


What are you most excited for this season?


“I honestly excited to be with all my swim buddies! I want to swim fast and improve myself. This is my senior year and I want my swimming to be way better than last year.”