Bulldogs News · Gameday – Faculty vs Students Tonight 7 pm

Contributed by Isaac Castagnetto:

The Bulldogs face the Old Dogs tonight at the annual Students vs. Faculty Basketball game at 7 PM. Tickets are limited at 400 attending. All proceeds go towards the canned food drive. Tickets must be purchased online in advance.


Here’s the lineup for the students:



Cash “I’ll Get You Fired” Barker   6’3” 210 Lbs. 

Christian “Twin Towers” Carter  6’8”  250 Lbs. 

Chapin  “Twin Towers” Snarr    6’9”   245 Lbs.  

Silver “The Silver Fox” Brown  7’2”  275 Lbs.

Cassidy “Bring the Heat” Fife   6’7”  215 Lbs.



Boston “Bos Man” Miles   7’0”  250 Lbs.

Cooper “The Flash” Christensen    6’3”  190 Lbs.

Bianca “Dunk Meister” Johnson     6’5”  160 Lbs.

Jaida “Money” Saloune     6’6”  155 Lbs. 



Jamison “Power Nugget” Harward   6’0”  275 Lbs.

Keegan “Big Foot” Gingras   6’0”  165 Lbs.

Josh “Kris is my Brother” Pauni   6’9”  200 Lbs.

Bailey “Technically Sound” Hunter   5’8”  160 Lbs. 

Ben “Lights Out” Parke   5’7”  150 Lbs. 



Kyle “QB 3” Larsen   7’1”  230 Lbs. 

Alex “Assists are my game” Grow   7’2”  245 Lbs. 


And here’s the scary faculty that the students will go up against:


Kirk “Moose” Chambers   5’5”  145 Lbs.   SLCC Commit

Amanda “Cash’s Mom” Barker    4’7” 

Christian “Speedy” Hernandez   6’7”  285 Lbs   Bama Commit

Heath “Rodeo” West   5’6” 

Kurt “The Bird” Edwards   6’7”

Don “Bionic Man” Johnson   7’3”

Brian “Choir Boi” Southwick  5’9”

Matt “Hymn Book” Fereday  5’11” 

Brian “Dr. B” Tracey  6’2”


Come support your favorite students and faculty! Doors open at 6:30 and wear a mask! Go Bulldogs!