Boys Varsity Baseball · Bulldog Highlight – Cal Morris – Baseball

I sat down with Cal Morris, Provo High Baseball player. Here’s what he had to say. Go Bulldogs!

Brayan: What age did you start playing baseball? 

Cal: I think I was around 4 when I started playing.


Brayan: What are your team and personal goals?

Cal: Team / to make it far as possible. 

 Personal / be there for everyone and have everyone’s back.


Brayan: What inspired you to do baseball?

Cal: My family sport all my family and uncles play it. 


Brayan: What has been your best moment of this season so far?

Cal: Coming out of a wrist injury just going back on the field feels pretty good. 


Brayan: What motivates you each and every day?

Cal: Wanting to be better always wanting to improve and get better and always wanting to beat the guy next to me. 


Brayan: How far do you want your team to go this year?

Cal: I really do we just need to come together and fix the simple mistakes we do in those close games.